I heard the podcast of two Edith Wharton stories today and realized that I absolutely love that period, that writing–Woolf, James (Henry AND William), Wharton.  Trying to express every little nuance of feeling from people who were trying to be so subtle.  Incredible.

Also listened again to a lecture by Michael Pollan.  I find his writing, his voice, his message, very inspiring.  He makes me want to eat really well!  Mostly plants.

Watched “Prick Up Your Ears” with Tom tonight.  I thought I’d seen it before, but now I don’t think so.  Joe Orton was a git.  But fascinating to watch the very young Gary Oldman.  I couldn’t get the actor who played Will on “Will and Grace” out of my head, they looked so alike.  It was weird, because they certainly don’t now!

Tragically, tonight I’m starting too late to really do this up right.  So until tomorrow!


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