OMG, I was already blogging!

Tragically, I have already begun to blog, on It was last Christmas time, and I wrote an excellent little piece on not giving, but spending time for the holidays, given the financial mess everyone was in.

Now I’m embarrassed. Oh well, perhaps I should just think of it as a wealth of my riches being tossed out to the world.

We saw “Prick up you Ears” with Gary Oldman and Anthony Molina about Joe Orton and Kenneth Hallewell. Very sad, but also fascinating watching Oldman, who looked uncannily like Will Truman in “Will and Grace.” It was a bit distracting, because Oldman of course looks nothing like that now. Great expressive face, even then though. And my favorite, Wally Shawn, played the author of Orton’s biography John Lahr. So many little connections in the world.


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