People in this country are dismally, stubbornly, stupid.

Caught a clip of protesters in DC today who are against health care reform. The people who are now worried about the deficit, but thought it was fine for Bush to run it up for an illegal and immoral war. The people on Medicare who don’t want us to mess with their Medicare or Social Security, but can’t seem to figure out that THESE are Gov’t. programs, and they are doing okay (and would do better if the well-off paid more of their taxes), whereas the almighty, free market, freedom loving, Republican-supporting businesses of Bank of America, Citibank, Lehman Bros., Enron, Haliburton, drug and insurance companies, you name the company, are the people who have brought this country to its fiscal and moral knees. The little old lady who says “We just “want freedom, we want to take our country back. We can read between the lines, they just want to give our tax money to their special interests.” Health care for everyone is a special interest, but tax breaks for the wealthy is in everybody’s best interest. I throw up my hands. I just can not fathom the idiocy. The complete inability to think or to reason, but only to parrot back phrases that make them feel good about themselves.


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