I just woke up at 3:30 in the morning, which I never, ever, do. I woke from a dream I actually remember rather well, because I essentially had it twice in the same evening–it repeated itself, not exactly, but the scenario came out much better. Very similar, but better. The dream was quite lavish–set in Italy, many people, flowing fabrics and some costumes, food. In the second version, a storm comes up and I go outside (I’ve spent most of the time in a boat-like house which I have often navigated by slipping through apertures that most houses don’t have, and the house has few rooms, turning in on itself frequently with a spiral staircase of stone. the first part was somewhat frightening, the second part I felt more confident. So I went outside into a howling wind and some rain. I was surprised that trees weren’t falling around me, but they were all fairly old and craggy. There was a statue of a person bent over at the hips completely, under a load of a tree. The statue turned its head and spoke to me, but I don’t remember what it said.

I want to describe the people, but all I remember is it seemed like members of Toni’s family and young girls like Anna or Harper, and a couple of toddlers and babies. Few men, but aside from my brother pursuing us, I don’t remember who else was. I’m now starting to fade and have to resume later.

LATER: Turns out to be 2.5 mos later, and I sort of remember this incident, but just barely.

I’ll post this and start another.


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  1. Holy crap! You’re a fan of me!

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